Clio Sensitive Scalp Relaxer with HSPC Complex
This unique product is created for professionals with no compromise in performance. This outstanding relaxer uses micro-emulsion technology and use of proprietary complex HSPC to produce maximum protection against the active ingredients in the relaxer. This breakthrough technology easily relaxes hair and protects the scalp at the same time. Clio sensitive scalp relaxer with proprietary blend of organically grown botanicals, extracts, concentrated Coco Butter, Shea Butter, L-arginine, Olive Oil, Arnica, potent antioxidants and more -form a powerful protection and soothing defense against the active ingredients in the relaxer system without compromising the performance. Use of Clio protective gel is always recommended with Clio Sensitive Scalp

Clio Rejuvenating Scalp Therapy Shampoo
Clio Rejuvenating Scalp Therapy Shampoo is formulated specifically for deep cleansing of your hair. Clio's Rejuvenate removes liquid styling build-up and residue from the scalp while it heats, and soothes the scalp with organically grown botanicals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Clio Rejuvenating Scalp Therapy Conditioner
Clio Rejuvenating Scalp Therapy Conditioner heals your scalp and repairs over processed hair. Our blend of multi-weight silk proteins and organically grown botanical extracts, moisturizers, antioxidants, vitamins, and proprietary complex of soothing agents, and sunscreen have made this conditioner our most effective product to eliminate scalp irritation, and discomfort. This conditioner will protect your hair and scalp from ravaging effects of heat, cold, humidity, dryness, sun rays UVA, UVB, and chemical processing. This therapeutic conditioner leaves hair brilliantly radiant, silky soft, and remarkably more manageable.

Clio Protein Mist
Pamper your hair with our award-winning hydrating and leave in conditioner to lock in moisture, detangle and leave your hair beautifully healthy and full of bounce for total flexible and free spirited hair styles that fit your busy lifestyle. This amazing product hydrates, and delivers measured amount of rich multi- functional silk proteins to the protein starved section of your hair that is in need of it most. This outstanding product with proprietary blend of organically grown botanicals, potent antioxidants, vitamins, amino acid, anti-fade complex, and porosity equalizing protein seals the cuticles, and our signature hydrating complex ensures the most fantastic conditioning for ultimate freedom in style. The special multi-molecular ultra-light silicones transform your hair to naturally luminous, shiny, soft, and gorgeous looking tresses. The special designed spray delivers appropriate amount of Clio protein complex, organically grown botanicals, vitamin E to strengthen, hydrate you hair from the root throughout the hair.

Clio Firm Hold Spritz
This amazing product provides long-lasting, firm hold for sculpted, shaped, framed or spiked styles. This remarkable product with proprietary blend of organically grown botanicals and extracts, potent antioxidants,multi-functional silk proteins, amino acids, and sunscreen not only instantly freezes hair in place, it is also fast drying and leaves hair full of body, strong, and luxurious shine.

Clio Mega Hold Spritz
This unique product provides long-term fast drying maximum hold for sculpted, framed, lock, twist, curled, root lift, tease, scrunch, and crimped styles. This product is specifically formulated to provide volume, lift without unsightly flakes or residues. Clio Mega Hold Spray is infused with organically grown botanicals and extracts, potent antioxidants, vitamins, sun screen to protect hair against heat, cold, humidity, dryness, sun rays UVA, UVB, and pollutants. This remarkable hair care product is designed for the most creative stylists who would like to do the most extreme style comfortably.

Clio Day-to-Day Crème Shine
Pamper your hair with this marvelous high performance styling tool to "pump up" your hair with brilliant sheen, leaving your hair healthier and softer with a magnificent finished look. This remarkable hair care tool enriched with organically grown botanicals and extracts, potent antioxidants, vitamins A, B5, 0, E, sun screen, and proprietary complex's add volume, shine, body, bounce and color brilliance to your hair. With each application, Clio Day to Day Crème Shine infuses proteins, vitamins, and proprietary complex to create healthier and more beautifully manageable hair.

Clio Texturizing/Sculpting Setting Lotion
An outstanding arid versatile, alcohol free, wax free, fast drying and volumizing lotion with robust held for over processed, relaxed, and color treated hair. This remarkable liquid tool effectively eliminates frizz, makes hair and scalp healthier, leaves hair full of bounce, body and brilliant shine. This product is perfect for blow-drying, hot tooling, finger or brushing to create any style desired. Clio Texturizing/Sculpting Setting Lotion is formulated with organically grown botanicals, extracts, antioxidants, vitamins,
quaternized conditioning complex, and sunscreen to protect hair against the ravages of heat, cold, humidity, dryness, UVA, UVB sun rays, and pollutants. This product is perfect for all types of natural hair.

The Clio Silky conditioning crème relaxer; portfolio utilizes breakthrough technology provide maximum straightening while minimizing the use of harsh, abrasive chemicals. Designed with innovative straightening agents, emollients and conditioners, each Clio Silky relaxer leaves hair soft, full a beautiful while eliminating burning a scalp irritation. We offer relaxers for all hair types and scalp sensitivities. These products are designed for professional use only.

Clio Silky Scalp Base
Clio Silky Scalp Base provides maximum protection from burning and other scalp sensation during relaxing and other chemical treatments. Our special soothing formula reduces scalp irritation and also provides relief from itchy, dry flakes.

Anti-Breakage Relaxer
Clio's Anti-Breakage Relaxer is the first and only relaxer fea¬turing micro-emulsion technology with natural oils, wheat protein and our exclusive hair-strengthening complex to create straight, beautiful, fortified hair. Our revolutionary formula is proven to reduce breakage, and even penetrate the hair to reverse cuticle and fiber degradation, for more than 100 percent stronger hair. Do not used on previously chemically treated hair or after any color or lightening system.

Clio Silky Regular Relaxer
Relax with confidence and create smooth, silky, conditioned hair with luscious body. Formulated with special scalp- therapeutic oils that coat the scalp and prevent burning, Clio Silky Regular Relaxer protects the scalp and maximizes straightening for perfect results every time. Our revolutionary PQ6 conditioning agent provides slip and conditioning to the hair, while hydrolyzed vegetable protein and wheat starch (hair-strengthening complex) strengthen and moisturize. Because our gentle and innovative formula contains no harsh chemicals, it is excellent for color-treated hair.

Clio Silkit Sensitive Scalp Relaxer No-Lye Relaxer System
While the pH of lye relaxers is typically in the 12-14 range, no-lye relaxers have a pH of about 9-9.5, and usually use calcium hydroxide to straighten the hair. Although the pH is lower with no-lye relaxers (making them "milder"), these formulas still apply unnaturally high bases to hair. While no-lye is frequently described as gentler, be mindful that these formulas still contain hydroxide, just as the lye formulas do. Hydroxide action takes out curl, but also eliminates some of the natural strength and elasticity of hair. Everyone's hair is different, and for some, no-lye relaxers actually make hair drier and duller than lye formulas. Clio Silkit Double Moisturizing and Double Conditioning Anti-Damage Relaxer is the most luxurious Relaxer available to professional salon industry today. Clio Silkit No-Lye Relaxer uses a decalcification step that makes the relaxed hair soft and shiny. Our
proprietary botanical complex also helps hair & scalp to stay healthy & beautiful.

Clio Silky Glossifier Serum
Clio Silky Glossifier Serum provides a feathery light, instantly brilliant, crystal clear shine for dry or dull hair. Also protects hair from daily color and thermal damage. Contains nourishing vitamins, protective sunscreens and silk protein to smooth down frizzy or fried ends.

Clio Silky Glossit Spray
Clio Silky Glossit Spray provides a feathery light, instantly brilliant, crystal clear shine for dry or dull hair. Also protects hair from daily color and thermal damage. Contains nourishing vitamins, protective sunscreens and silk protein to smooth down frizzy or fried ends.

Clio Silky Scalp Therapeutic
The ultimate in scalp conditioning, Clio Silky Scalp Therapeutic soothes itchy, dry scalp and promotes new hair growth. Enriched with eucalyptus, menthol, almond and coconut oils, our unique rejuvenating leave-in treatment has a cooling and tingling effect that stimulates blood flow to the scalp and encourages new hair growth.

Clio Silky Carrot Oil Sheen
Clio Silky's unique, 100% natural Carrot Oil Sheen provides brilliant shine for thermal curling. Enriched with organically grown botanicals, conditioners, vitamins and antioxidants, our amazing hair strengthener provides a barrier for thermal styling, leaving hair brilliantly shiny and protected from styling damage. Regular use helps revive dull, damaged hair, leaving it looking and feeling its healthy best.

Clio Silky Curling Foam Wrap Lotion
This unique conditioning formula maintains curls for days and leaves hair radiant, soft, shiny and manageable. Clio Silky Curling Foam Wrap Lotion can be used for wrapping, setting, blow-drying and iron curling. Our fast-drying formula holds styles and never leaves hair hard or sticky. This innovative blend, containing a special curl complex, enhances curls and allows smooth wrapping, waving or molding, blow drying and long-lasting roller sets. Enriched with natural botanicals vitamins and silk protein.

Clio Silky Hydrating Shampoo
Formulated using advanced micro-emulsion technology, Clio Silky Hydrating Shampoo revolutionizes hydration. Special silk proteins penetrate hair, providing unprecedented moisture and leaving even the most damaged hair silky and shiny. Clio Silky Hydrating Shampoo is excellent for daily use on chemically treated hair, and is enriched with organically grown botanicals, essential oils, antioxidants and vitamins.

Clio Super Silky Trio Conditioner
Clio Super Silky Trio Conditioner is a unique moisture-rich conditioner for relaxed hair designed to rebuild hair's moisture base, prevent breakage, impart a weightless silky feel and glossy sheen, detangle and improve manageability. Its unique fiber strengthening complex moisturizes and rebuilds hair from its core, resulting in stronger, healthier hair. Formulated with sunscreen, antioxidants and vitamins, Super Silky Trio leaves hair silky, shiny and protected. Ideal for hair that is dry, damaged, colored, bleached, permed or chemically straightened.

Clio Silky Neutralizing Shampoo
Clio Silky Neutralizing Shampoo returns chemically relaxed hair to normal pH, while simultaneously restoring hair's delicate moisture balance. Formulated with hair strengthening proteins and conditioners and a special pH color indicator activated when hair is free of relaxer and chemicals. Enriched with natural botanicals, vitamins and sunscreen, Neutralizing Shampoo gently cleanses without stripping essential oils, resulting in soft, healthy hair.



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