21st Century Laboratory: the creators of the Silkology brands of salon professional hair care products is pleased to announce an exciting new line of breakthrough salon hair care designed exclusively for professional stylists and technicians working with excessively curly hair. 21st Century Laboratory joined forces to research, design and engineer the proprietary technologies needed to create the breakthrough Clio line. Clio was conceived to fill the overwhelming demand by professional stylists and technicians for an effective, gentle, natural product line designed exclusively for curly hair.

The Benefits of Clio & Silky by Clio

Meets and exceeds the urgent demands of modern and fashion conscience clients.

Naturally earth friendly formulations.

Engineered for efficient use in a busy salon environment.

Protects the scalp and hair against the harmful effects of chemical treatment, sun, heat, cold, humidity, dryness and pollutants.

Clio's outstanding products are enriched with *antioxidants and *vitamins to combat the ravages of free radicals.

Clio uses cutting edge innovations in ingredient technology.

Free of fillers, salts, and unnecessary waxes.

Diversion proof products not available through any discounters or general merchandisers.

Clio's salon exclusive line is never sold through unauthorized outlets including phantom salons.

Clio is passionate about meeting the hair care and styling needs of each and every individuals unique hair. By integrating (PBEC) proprietary botanical extract complexes infused with organically grown ingredients, anti-aging antioxidants, and protective sunscreens, this amazing combination creates a superior line of products that revitalize and recondition hair as well as protecting the hair from UVA and UVB sun exposure, heat damage and pollution.

Clio products are tested and approved by salon professionals. Clio professional level hair products do not contain waxes or fillers commonly found in other hair care products that weigh down and cause irritating scalp build-up and flaking.

Clio styling and finishing products combat big hair and frizz, which is a challenge in humid climates. Vitamin and botanical rich formulas leave hair smooth and silky in dry and arid climates.

Clio is dedicated to their loyal customers and will continue to provide superior earth friendly products that Clio and its customers can be proud of. 




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